Thank you for your interest in promoting this product. As you can imagine this product is more or less a license to print money. This should be one of the easiest products you'll ever promote. The earlier you start...the less competition you'll have to deal with.

Why? Simple, America is fat...and it's getting fatter. In fact, the fattest state in 1991 had a lower obesity rate than the thinnest state in 2009. And there are many triggers over the years to make all these people start searching for weight loss. And since our product gives them a guarantee that they'll lose 10% of their weight in the first's an easy way to get them to buy.

Now let's be clear about something...this is a weight loss program that actually works. You are not selling vaporware. We broke up the program into 3 phases on purpose, so that we can be sure that the customer will actually see results from this matter how lazy they are. That first phase is very important, because it gets them results...even the laziest person in the world is willing to try anything for 10 days in order to lose 10-15lbs.

Start Making Money

When you promote this product, you'll earn 75% for each sale you refer to us. And if you manage to pull in 2,000 sales a month(only 66 sales a day), we'll bump up your commission to 85%(paid via paypal). This translates to an extra $10K a month. If you qualify for the bonus, simply email us at and we'll send you the bonus.

When you make more than 10 sales(total) and if you are using or some other url shortener to link to us, please contact us so we can give you your own short url on our domain. This way you won't look like an obvious affiliate trying to make a buck, and won't scare off potential customers, which means you'll make more sales. Your link will be in the format.

So what can you earn from promoting this product? It's very'll earn about $12K/yr for every additional sale you make every day. So at 3 sales a day you make $36K. At 5, you make $60K. And at 10, you are making $120K. Since this is a weight loss product...anyone can make 10 sales a day. It all comes down to driving traffic. Our product converts depending on your traffic source. Some sources convert at 1:13, others convert at 1:50, even our high volume affiliates convert at 1:112.

To begin promoting this product, you'll need to setup you ClickBank hoplink, which you can do HERE. If you don't have a ClickBank account, you can create one quick and easy, just click the link above and click the "Click here to sign up first".

Start Promoting

It all comes down to traffic. No matter how crappy you traffic source is, numbers are all that matter. But here is an important thing to keep in mind. Even if your traffic source only converts at only need to drive 2,000 people a day to earn $120K a year.

Here are some of the different ways you can drive traffic:

Article Marketing

This is a great option if you are new to affiliate marketing. Basically it involves writing short ~300 word articles and submitting them to sites like Ezine Articles. Pick a good title and end with a "hook" and you'll have no problem driving a lot of traffic through article marketing.

It's important to stick to it...write 10 articles a day and by the end of the month, you'll have 300 articles sending traffic. Weight loss is an article marketing goldmine! For example, an article that was published 2 months ago, currently has 49,170 views. That's 25,000 views a month or about 1,000 a day. And yes clicks are all that matter...but that's why weight loss is such a great can easily get 25% click through rate...if you end your articles with a hook.

In fact, there are a number of things you need to do to make your articles get you traffic. 1. Keep your articles short. ~300 words. Short articles leave users wanting more, so they are much more likely to follow your link in the resource box. Short articles also makes your link get seen when the article loads, so it has the chance of grabbing attention...even if the person decides to close the article after reading the first sentence. 2. Do proper keyword research. Proper keyword research is key, you don't want to waste your time on keywords that you can't rank for. Focus on ranking for those keywords that you know you can win. These are the long tail, 3 word phrases. A good tool to see how much traffic a keyword gets is Google Keyword Tool. 3. End with a hook - approach the end of your artilce with the reader in need to leave them wanting more...with the "more" part being clicking your link to go to the site. 4. Build Some Links - most articles don't have a lot of back links, so even if you get 5-10 links to your ezine article, you can get to the top of results very quickly. 5. Use your articles - once you write your article...use it. The article is now an you can now reference that article in your other marketing efforts. 6. Stick to it - keep writing...articles come and go, don't get lax because you have 300 articles making you money. 7. Get a good domain name - you aren't allowed to use your affiliate link in links on these you need to get your own domain name and then use forwarding to use them. Here is what you do. Register the domain name....try to make it sticky...i.e. instead of, use recommend sticking with .com/.org/'s only 10 bucks...and it'll pay for itself if you don't lose even one potential buyer because they consider .info scammy. Once you have a domain, open note pad and create a file called index.php. Then just paste the following code into the file: <?php header('Location:', true, 301); ?> (you have two options here...use your clickbank hoplink, so it goes straight to our site or send them to your own site so you can presell them first). Then just save, and then upload this file to the main category of your new hosting. That's it...all you do now is then use your domain name in your article resource box, and when they hit your site, they'll instantly be sent to the new address. You can thenm use that domain name link anywhere you want, forums, craigslist, myspace, newspaper ads, offline advertising, youtube videos, yahoo answers etc.

For Article Marketing we recommend sticking solely to Ezine's the easiest article directory to rank for and their approval process for article is pretty quick. + a ton of people republish articles, so your article can get posted on dozens of sites within a few days. But if you want to expand your reach, after getting your Ezine Article published, you can also try rewording it and publishing it at the following sites: - - - - These are the only sites that seem to rank in google...the others are never to be found, so it's a waste of time to even bother with them.

PPC Marketing:
This is the gold mine of affiliate marketing. You can pick the exact match keywords you wish to rank for and get a bunch of clicks very quickly. However it takes proper keyword research to pull this off correctly. Unfortunately the weight loss keywords tend to be very expensive..and you are going to have a hard time making a profit when you are paying $3 a click. This is why you need to focus on keywords that don't cost as much.

First of all, you are going to want to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find keywords (it's more advanced than the external tool, note: if you see the Adwords summary page, click the link again). Other good free tools are Keyword Discovery and Seo Book's Keyword Tool which can help you find other relevant keywords.

You have a few options here. 1. Long Tail Keywords - instead of focusing on "weight loss programs" which costs $3.38 per click, you can focus on keywords like "what is the best way to lose weight fast" which only costs 5 cents. Don't be afraid to try different combinations of keywords, Google will return different results for each keyword you try, so best weight loss and fastest weight loss, will give you hundreds of different keywords(especially in the long tail). You can also target common misspellings. It's important to mention...that you don't just add every need to pick keywords where the person will be eager to buy. 2. Related Keywords - if you can't get them through weight loss keywords due to can get them through keywords that target them in other niches. Our target audience are women who are 35+. So you can target menapouse related keywords, since you know those women going throguh menapouse can gain weight. Then just find other niches that have a lot of older women in them...and you'll be set.

Once you pick your keywords it's time to target them. You have 2 can advertise on Google's search results or you can also target general websites where people have adsense. Both are viable results give you people actually looking for results, while the content network gets you much cheaper click pricing. You'll want to create separate campaigns for each, since you don't want to be paying search results pricing on content clicks. For each make sure to set delivery method to accelerated...this will ensure that you are seeing the full potential of your keywords. For countries, start off with United States, Canada, Britain and Australia.

Finally you need to create your ads. Make sure to write them for the people who are buying, not tire kickers. Create an ad for a 35 year old woman, not a 16 year old who won't have the money to buy. Ad wording ih your campaign.

Yahoo Answers Marketing:
Essentially this involves answering questions on Yahoo Answers on fitness/diet related questions. The key is to leave a link in your answer as a reference. You can either reference your own custom domain name(never use your affiliate link)...or you can just reference one of your Ezine Articles. It's a good idea to leave your question as short as possible...just tell them you've found this great answer at so and so site...and anyone who sees the answer will be much more likely to hit it. Keep it low key, you don't want to sound spammy. Then you can give personal responses, i.e. I used to be like you, and I found this really worked for me. A key point to remember, is that you need to vary your answer a little bit..don't submit the same thing over and over again. And in order to increase the stickiness...don't post from one account, keep changing accounts every 40-50 answers, so that if you get flagged, you only lose that one account.

Note: You need a high volume of answers...we recommend answering 100 questions a day. Don't be scared by the number...100 questions is very easy, in fact at most it should take you about 1 hour to achieve. This way you have a much higher chance of ending up in a question that will show up in Google results. If you do this every day, by the end of the month, you'll have 3,000 links out there, so you'll get thousands of visitors to your site every day...which will quickly change into paying customers.

Give it a traffic may not be that effective...but when you send a few thousand people a day, chance are that a couple will end up buying.

Other Marketing Techniques:
There are a ton of other marketing techniques. You can submit stuff to digg/reddit, create facebook fanpages, use twitter, post on forums, post on craigslist, create newspaper ads, create signs on the street etc...there is really no limit to what you can do.

Contact Us:
If you need any help, don't be afraid to email us at - remember we only succeed if you succeed, it's in our best interest to make sure you make as much money as possible.